1.) Create a flyer for the center-based training program for senior citizens including the program’s location, dates and times, as well as the purpose and benefits of attending. (Example Flyer)

2.) Share links to online flyer on social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

3.) Post 500 paper flyers around the community targeting local organizations/businesses, specifically targeting senior care centers, living communities, and doctors offices.

4.) Write a script for a PSA explaining the benefits of the training programs as well as location, dates, and times.

5.) Reach out to local stations including Delmarva Public Radio, WYPR – Your Public Radio Corporation, WAMU – American University Radio, Bay Country, Cat Country, Froggy 99.9, and others who may be willing to air it.


The tactics of the Blind Industries and Services of Maryland public relations campaign include: creating a flyer for the program, sharing the flyer on social networks, posting flyers around the community, writing a script for a PSA, and reaching out to local radio stations to air the PSA. Tactics are the tools, techniques, and actions taken to deliver the messages identified by the campaign strategy. They specify a way or multiple ways to deliver the message of the campaign and the channels through which to do so. The BISM tactics fall under all categories of media tactics including advertising and direct publicity. The scripting and airing of a PSA can be considered advertising. The message is the time, date, and location of the programs as well as the benefits of them and the channel delivering the message is radio. PSAs are not necessarily advertising because they are not paid for, but they are distributed on a channel that is known for advertising with controlled content, placement, and timing. The BISM tactics are also direct publicity. Creation and distribution of a flyer sharing the same message as the PSA shows the message through a different channel. Direct publicity is communication using media created by the public relations practitioners for the purpose of reaching the target public. The channel in this case is the flyer which has controlled content, some control of placement, and the ability to target a very specific public.


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