Because the campaign has merely been planned and not executed. An evaluation of the success of the campaign is not possible. However, suggestions on research to gather to properly evaluate the campaign and determine success can be given. Facts and statistics such as how many senior citizens attended the center based training programs before and after the campaign should be gathered. Brief questionnaires or surveys should be developed and given to attendees of the programs to determine how they learned of the program and if the flyers or PSAs were successful in spreading awareness and raising attendance.


According to Wilson and Ogden, success can be evaluated using three standards: “success that justifies the budget expenditure, effectiveness of the program itself, and whether or not objectives were met.” Tactics for this campaign included mostly free advertising such as community boards and PSAs as well as social networks. The production of the 500 paper flyers would be the only expenditure. Evaluation of whether or not the money spent was justified could come from the possible survey of where they learned of the training program. Effectiveness of the program could not be evaluated in relation to the campaign because the program was already in place. Finally, the objective listed for the campaign was “to increase attendance of center-based training programs for senior citizens by 25% within 3 months.” By measuring how many senior citizens attended the program before the campaign as well as after the campaign, the success of the campaign based on this standard can be determined.


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