Strategic Planning Assignment


Due Date: October 1st, 2013

Points: 25 points


Social, environmental, or human rights campaigns are a very important segment of IPR. This assignment gets you familiar with the work of INGOs (International NGOs), their relationship with the region they operate in and the issues they focus on, and the strategic planning that is part of a successful campaign.

Much like the ROSTE campaigns we discuss in class, in this assignment you have an opportunity to find and design elements for a PR campaign for a local intercultural, NGO, or minority group.


Choose any social issue, cultural context, or a minority group you relate to closely. For example, this could be senior care, homelessness, school gangs, crime, or health care for a minority group or any other issue of your choosing.

Find out which NGO or religious/social group (could be church-affiliated) is involved in addressing that issue in our community (you can look at Princess Anne and Worcester or other Eastern Shore counties also).

Understand their needs and how you can assist them meet their goal. Break it down by:


Keeping the above in mind, design a simple event, with a PR document, to meet a specific goal (awareness, fundraising, volunteer-recruitment).

Utilize Mitchell et al.’s (1997) stakeholder salience article to explain identification of publics chosen by you.

If the client accepts your proposal and plans to implement it (now or in the future), that will be a bonus (5 points). I will need written testimony of the client re your efforts.

Incorporate cultural adaptation framework (any one of the frameworks discussed in Kent & Taylor, 2001) as well as ROSTE framework in writing up your document and Macnamara and Mitchell describe your research section.

Submit your work as a page on your WordPress site. (Follow the course WordPress, and I’ll use that to your WP site for your assignments). If you’re working as part of a group, each member of the group can upload this on their WP site along with their country profile (site page format) and intercultural partnership (blog format)


ROSTE Framework (P&E)

Wilson and Ogden textbook

Kent, M., & Taylor, M. (2001). How intercultural communication theory informs public relations practice in global settings. In N. Bardhan & C. K. Weaver, Public relations in global cultural contexts: Multi-paradigmatic perspectives (pp. 50—76).

Macnamara, J. R. (2004). The crucial role of research in multicultural and cross-cultural communication. Journal of Communication Management, 8, 322-334.

Mitchell, R. K., Agle, B. R., & Wood, D. J. (1997). Toward a theory of stakeholder identification and salience: Defining the principle of who and what really counts. Academy of Management Review, 22, 853—886.


Grading for the strategic planning assignment will evaluate:

(a) your ability to identify and set-up an issue and association collaboration,

(b) thoroughness of your  campaign design based on research,

(c) ability to successfully conduct your field work,

(d) ability to create campaign elements, targeting culturally appropriate message to the publics and

(e) ability to conduct effective client relations and get documented publicity for your efforts (bonus)


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