Goal 7. To understand the media market of your host country

South Korea is very similar to the United States in their media market. They use similar media sources as us, such as television, radio,newspapers, magazines, and internet-based websites. When talking to Laura she said that her favorite place to go for media is the internet. I would have to agree with her. I spend most of my time on the computer and that is where I find most of my information such as news, and social media updates.

When doing some of our readings I found it interesting that Sriramesh and Vercic said that, “international PR practitioners need to understand how the media operate in a particular country before developing strategies for conducting effective media relations in that country.”  It seems that media in South Korea is very similar to that of the United States.

After doing some further research on South Korea’s media I found out that the Korean press had a strong reformist and nationalistic flavor from the beginning, but faced efforts at political control or outright censorship during most of the 20th century. But today many journalists have established a tradition of remaining independent and are often critical of the government, protesting any attempts of press censorship.

Laura said that they have some similar shows here as they do in South Korea. These shows include Korea’s Next Top Model, and Korea’s Got Talent. I find it interesting that these shows have spread all over the world and that many countries have similar shows.  Korea also has some of the same cartoons such as Yu-gi-oh.




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