Goal. 5 To learn how to conduct effective audience research

This week when  met with Laura I went over to her apartment and we watched T.V. and did homework together. During the breaks we talked about what Korean teens do and what day to day life is like. She said that  teens spend most of their time studying for the exams and doing homework for school. She said that education is very important and it is very competitive to get into good high schools and universities. How you do in school is also a reflection on their family so they strive to do well because of how important family is in the Korean culture.

But there is always some time to have fun. She said that she really enjoys Karaoke which is a popular pastime in Korea. Another popular thing to do is taekwondo, Laura said that her brother was really good at it. In america some people do karaoke but it definitely is more popular in Korea. But  I would say that taekwondo is a popular sport here in America. I did it for about three years back when I was younger.

A product that I think is very popular in both of our cultures are the cell phone. However they are similar in different ways. In Korea the most popular cell phone brand is Samsung where as in America it would be the iPhone. I think that Samsung is more popular because it is a more trusted brand in there country. The Samsung phone also does a better job of using the Korean symbols. Laura said that in Korea they use their phones to message people but they also watch a lot of TV on it.  I think that in America watching T.V. on your phone is not very popular just because we would rather see it on a bigger screen.

It is important for companies to know how to conduct effective research on their target audience because otherwise the advertising of their product may be ineffective. For example Samsung would use a different method to advertise a phone to Korean teens vs. American teens.


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  1. I really thought it was interesting how we both wrote about our partners strong opinions on cellphones and karoke. I really think that Koreans are very proud of Korean brands…my roommate always raves about Samsung! I also think that American culture is becoming too dependent on technology; however, after creating friendships and relationships with Koreans I have discovered that technology is an ultra important component of Korean culture. I believe we will examine this futher in our 6th goal!

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