Goal 4. To realize the importance of developing a global attitude.

According to Augustine ” In many cultures of the world, individuals get their identity from an affiliated organization or immediate family. Collective value system, goals and aspiration take precedence over those of individuals. Individuals in group societies tend to be less assertive and be governed by the group norm.” South Korea would be one of these countries that has low-individualism. Where as the United states has high individualism.

This might explain why in Korea “first meetings can often be completely dominated by the need to start the relationship-building process. Therefore, very little might be discussed which relates to the actual business in hand, with most time being spent exchanging pleasantries, discussing travel and other such seeming trivia. It is important not to show impatience or irritation at this stage. Rather view the meeting for what it is – the essential first steps in creating a, hopefully, rewarding and long-term business relationship ( WorldBusinessCulture).”

In the U.S. getting down to business is very important because time is money. It would be considered a waste of time if the first meeting was used to get to know one another personally. Usually a business doesn’t care much about an individual they will have done prior research on the company so that when it comes to the first meeting they can get strait to work.

When talking to Laura she said that it was common for Korean bosses to take their employees out to the bar after work occasionally and it is usually considered to be mandatory. Usually at these events the businessmen drink heavily. This would be unheard of in the U.S. We usually are told not to mix alcohol and business because that is considered unprofessional. If their is drinking businessmen in the U.S. usually keep it to a minimum.





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