Country Profile


Due: November 14th, 2013

Total Points: 25


International PR focuses on the influence of culture on the practice of PR in international contexts. It has been defined as: “The planned and organized effort of a company, institution, or government to establish mutually beneficial relations with the publics of other nations” (Wilcox, Ault, & Agee, 1989, p. 395). It has been reflected in: (i) the globalization of large firms establishing branches worldwide; (ii) public diplomacy (the way in which both government and private individuals and groups influence directly or indirectly those public attitudes and opinions which bear directly on another government’s foreign policy decisions” (Delaney, 1968, p. 3); and (iii) understanding the role of PR in different countries, or the practices of PR in international or cross-cultural contexts where the PR practitioner seeks to understand the similarities and differences in IPR in different countries or regions, among others.

This assignment will focus on part (iii) of IPR’s dimensions.

Assignment Guidelines

Part A. Country Profile: As part of your Country Profile Assignment, select a country (or region) of your choice. In this part, your goal is to become familiar with the following categories (in the Sriramesh & Vercic, 2001 article) with respect to your country:

I. Infrastructure

  1. Political
  2. Economic
  3. Legal
  4. Activism

II. Culture

  • Societal culture-Determinants
  1. Techno-economics
  2. Social structure
  3. Ideology
  4. Personality
  • Societal Culture-Dimensions
  1. Power distance
  2. Collectivism
  3. Masculinity/femininity
  4. Uncertainty avoidance
  5. Confucian dynamism
  • Corporate culture: The link between societal culture and PR
  1. Organizational “personality” or “culture”
  2. Leadership attributes
  3. Norms and practices
  4. Organizational values
  5. Subculture or counter-cultures
  6. Relationships among members
  7. Trust among members

III. The media

  • Media control
  • Media outreach
  • Media access

Part B. Implications for PR Practice: Because effective PR practitioners can understand, translate, and bridge differences across regions to effectively meet PR goals with their publics, a second part of this assignment asks you to make these connections. Use the following framework to look for points of similarities, contrasts, and how interactions have played out between the U.S. and the country of your choice.

I. Similarities (Culture-General approach)

  • Identify similarities across cultures
  • Compare similar cultural behaviors across cultures (Kluckholn, 1953).
  • Identify PR commonalities in practice across U.S. and your chosen region

II. Differences (Culture-Specific approach)

  • Identify communication behaviors of a specific culture (part A. above)
  • How are PR practices carried out in your region/country? (IPR website links)

III. Interaction (PR-in-Interaction approach—Use Zaharna “In-Awareness” approach)

  • Country profile
  • Cultural profile
  • Communication Components

References to Consult for Assignment

1. Sriramesh, K., & Vercic, D. (2001). International public relations: A framework for future research. Journal of Communication Management, 6, 103-117. (Have made available on MyClasses)

2. Zaharna, R. S. (2001). “In-awareness” approach to international public relations. Public Relations Review, 27, 135—148. (Have made available on MyClasses)

3. Kluckholn and Strodbeck article (IPR website–>Intercultural Engagement Assignment→Resources and References)

4. Check links for resources related to your country on IPR Website


Your grade will be based on the: (a) thoroughness of your work; (b) application of relevant frameworks at appropriate sections of the content; (c) accessibility and availability on WordPress.


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